State Government Track

Over the years, the MountainMoot has become a key location for Montana State government employees interested in using Moodle for compliance training and professional development to meet, network, and innovate in their public-sector use of the world’s leading LMS. In the past, the State of Montana has had representatives from the Department of Corrections, Department of Justice, Department of Transportation, Office of Public Instruction, Department of Health and Human Resources, and others attend the MountainMoot. Like so many excellent things at the MountainMoot, this was a simple grassroots collection of likeminded individuals coming together to solve problems and create solutions. This year, we’ve decided to make it official. MountainMoot now has a government applications of Moodle track!

Spearheaded by the Professional Development Bureau of the Office of Human Resources at the Department of Corrections of the State of Montana, MountainMoot will now offer a series of presentations from State of Montana employees that use Moodle to deliver professional development and compliance trainings. This track is going to be headed by Ted Ward, a veteran MountainMooter that’s been running the Department of Corrections Online Training Center Moodle for several years. With 1300 employees in 26 locations spread evenly across the fourth largest state in the union, the Department of Corrections views online professional development as an absolutely essential component of its responsibility to the citizens of Montana. With courses ranging from simple onboarding and compliance to leadership development and ethics, the Department of Corrections Moodle is an exemplary instance of Moodle in the public sector. With years of experience in applying, evaluating, and improving online learning at the Department of Corrections (not to mention a Governor's Award for excellence in online professional development), MountainMoot is pleased to announce Ted’s official deputization as our first state-employed Mootineer.

So far, the government track will offer a panel on overcoming resistance to online learning in state agencies, a talk on badging to promote employee engagement, and a presentation on SCORM packages for compliance trainings, with many more to come. If you’re a government employee interested in online learning, this is a premium opportunity for you to learn and network with other professionals in your field. If you work for the State of Montana in Helena, even better! These presentations are happening right in your backyard. Submit a presentation proposal about your own work, and you’ll receive a full conference registration for only $50! Keep in mind, this includes full access to the conference as well as three nights of social events with everything included.

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