Subject to minor changes.

Wednesday Pre-Moot Training Round 1: 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Conference Room A Help us build MoodleNet! Doug Belshaw - MoodleNet Lead
MoodleNet will be a new open social media platform for educators, focused on professional development and open content. What features would be useful for you? What are your pain points? Come and help us think through something that would be useful for the whole community!
Sage Room Moodle Gradebook Deep Dive Ryan D. Hazen, M.Ed. - E-Learning Specialist Professional Development Bureau Office of Human Resources Montana Department of Corrections
Aggravated by aggregation? Confused by Categories? Vexed by views? Exasperated by Extra Credit? This half-day training session on Moodle Gradebook will open your eyes to the limitless possibilities of the most powerful grade tracking system in the world. We will begin by focusing on the big ideas of the gradebook, establishing principles of its design that will help us understand multiple specific applications of the system. At the end of the session, you shouldn't ever have to say "gradebook can't do that" again.
Sandbox An Introduction to Custom Reporting with SQL Queries Randy Thornton - Moodle Ronin
The training session will be an introduction to custom reporting tools in Moodle using SQL queries. We will review the two main plugins for this, Configurable Reports and Ad-hoc database queries plugin, review basic SQL syntax, the structure of the Moodle database, and how to use the Moodle Docs library of existing contributed queries. You will be writing your own queries by the time we are done. No knowledge of SQL or programming is required, just a need to make your own reports.
Think Lab For the New Moodler David Morrow - Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
This half-day pre-moot session is for classroom teachers who are very new to Moodle. Along with the basics of building and managing a course, the ultimate goal is to take advantage of Moodle’s consistencies to become a comfortable and confident Moodle user. We will approach Moodle as being the online component to your face-to-face classroom, relating Moodle’s activities and resources directly to your existing class structure (managing students/schedules, providing resources, fostering discussion, unit organization, differentiation, etc), but also with an eye to enhancing and even transforming what you and your students can do using Moodle. The session will start will a short interactive tour to showcase some of Moodle’s features and provide some context for the rest of the session, but the majority of the time will be spent organizing course layout, adding activities and resources, managing students - and talking about it. Moodling, in other words!

Wednesday Pre-Moot Training Round 2 - 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Conference Room A Moodle Fixer Upper: Let the Work Begin! Michelle Moore - e-learning consultant
We’ve talked the talk, now it’s time to walk the walk! During this workshop, you’ll work with a team of fellow ‘contractors’ to take on a typical Moodle course for a major remodeling project! As with any good fixer upper, we’ll need to knock down a few walls, apply a fresh coat of paint, and install all new lighting. We will, of course, also have to make sure everything is up to code. It won’t be easy, but it will all be worth it when it comes time for the big reveal!*
Do you have the guts to take on a fixer upper?
*The big reveal will take place during a regular Moot session where you’ll have a chance to show off all of your hard work and participate in a little friendly competition! After each team has completed their reveal, the audience will vote for their favorite finished product. The winner will walk away with some serious bragging rights and maybe even some Moot bucks!
Sage Room Introduction to Moodle for Administrators Ryan D. Hazen, M.Ed. - E-Learning Specialist
This session is designed for current and aspiring Moodle Administrators. We will cover all the basics of creating courses, adding content at scale, adding plugins, managing users, managing course categories, dealing with enrollments, and all sorts of other nuts-and-bolts administration. We will also cover some basic theme modification as well as a few handy look and feel tricks.
Sandbox Establishing Presence in the Online Classroom/Creating the class environment Amy Tessitore - Instructional Designer at The Belanger School of Nursing, Emma Richardson - Moodle Consultant and self-proclaimed empress of the MTMoot
As educators, we know that we must quickly establish a positive presence in the classroom or risk loosing our students. When we establish a positive teaching presence we are better able to engage our students in the classroom. Our teaching presence is found in our use of dialogue, gestures, verbiage, relatable experiences, and validation of student needs, ways of learning, and culture. So, how do we ensure that we maintain this high level of presence in the Moodle classroom? In this session, we will explore and discuss ways to transfer our teaching presence skills to the Moodle classroom. Topics will include: Starting the course strong, understanding the needs of the online learner, communication, feedback versus meaningful feedback and identifying the differences between engagement and presence.
Think Lab Choose Your Own Moodle Adventure! Darrel Tenter - Senior Elearning Designer
At first blush, Moodle’s completion tracking and access restriction tools are simple. When you use them together, you can level up and build a Moodle course that caters itself to your learners! Each student gets the right learning activities, at the right time, based on their progress in the course. What could be better? Creating a really effective and engaging course with these tools, takes understanding and planning. This was a popular session at last year’s MT Moot. This year we are expanding it to a half-day, hands-on session so we can gain a full understanding of how completion tracking and access restrictions work, how you can use them together, see some courses in action, and then we’ll create our own mini course that you can take with you!

Thursdays Breakout Session 1 - 10:20 a.m. – 11:10 a.m.

Conference Room A Student Retention - Keeping students coming back to your online courses Kathryn Fortin - EdTech Solution Architect
Do you know how you are doing with student rentention in online courses? How do you keep student retention up? What is your online marketing plan for coures? Are students seeking out your courses? Course design and an instructors ability to engage students online are directly linked to retention. It doesn't matter what LMS you use if you are not training faculty on how to engage students in online courses with quality of course design and online teaching skills.
Sage Room Cloud 101: Amazon Web Services Overview for Education Amir Moshar - Account Manager for Amazon Web Services
Join this session to answer your most basic questions including what is the cloud, what services does AWS offer, and how does the cloud help in education? You’ll learn how AWS helps across a campus - from improving access and teaching cloud in the classroom, to speeding research and making university IT operations more efficient. You’ll learn key use cases at universities across the globe, and how you can get started.
Sandbox E-commerce with Moodle Floyd Saner - E-learning Consultant
Moodle has very limited options for marketing and selling content. Although several excellent third party e-commerce resources are available, they can be too expensive for many organizations. In this session I will demonstrate an affordable, fully-featured, single sign-on e-commerce site that integrates Moodle, WordPress, Edwiser Bridge and WooCommerce.
Think Lab Overcoming Change Resistance in Government Employees for Online Learning Scott Burnett - HR Training Coordinator for the State of Montana:DPHHS
Government employees are a special group of employees. They work in an environment where they are underpaid many times, under appreciated most times, and overworked all of the time. Motivating change in these employees is difficult in the best of circumstances. Join us as we discuss tools and techniques to overcome the resistance to change in welcoming online learning in an environment where change is not welcome. This is a particapatory discussion so be prepared to bring your tips or problems.

Thursdays Breakout Session 2 - 11:25 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

Conference Room A Become a Grade Book Expert in 50 Minutes Floyd Saner - E-learning Consultant
Are you frustrated by grade book woes? In this 50 minute interactive presentation you will be led through a process that you can use to set up the Moodle grade book for any grading configuration. You will need access to a computer, and teacher or administrator access to a course that has graded activities. Screen reader support enabled.
Sage Room Admin tricks and tips Emma Richardson - Moodle Consultant
Administering a Moodle Site day to day can be daunting and setting it up can be a lengthy process. Join Emma as she shares some tips for speeding up semester rollover, user management, teacher support. This session will be a collaborative session of sharing tips that make our day to day management easier.
Sandbox Moodle Quiz for Identifying and Addressing Training Needs Ryan D. Hazen, M.Ed. - E-Learning Specialist Professional Development Bureau Office of Human Resources Montana Department of Corrections.
Moodle quiz's interactive setting is great for customized employee training. Properly designed, it can deliver highly customized learning experiences that meet users' needs as they become apparent. Even better, the item analysis feature can identify areas for improvement and additional training organization-wide. Come to this session to see how the Montana Department of Corrections has deployed this flexible tool to identify and address training needs related to the Montana Offender Re-entry and Risk Assessment (MORRA) tool.
Think Lab Using Zoom in Online Language Courses Shawn Trueman - Director of Educational Technology for Denver Seminary
Synchronous class sessions with a professor provide a great benefit to online delivery of language classes. See how we use Zoom meetings and breakout rooms to supplement recorded content with professor-led Interactive Learning Activities (ILAs) and create stronger student community in our online programs.

Thursdays Lightning Presentations - 1:35 p.m. – 2:50 p.m.

Flex Theater Session 1 The next exciting chapter in the MUA Emma Richardson - Moodle Consultant
Latest updates from the MUA
Session 2 Cheap and Secure Testing Environments Using Chromebooks and Moodle Sean Courtney - Carroll College Moodle Supervisor Sean Courtney - Carroll College Moodle Adminstrator
Come learn how Carroll College combined managed Chromebooks with Moodle to create a secure, locked-down testing environment for students. We will explore how the Google Admin tools allow us to manage chrome devices at the precise levels we need in order to meet faculty expectations.
Session 3 Qengine - Dynamic Quiz Questions Eric Fossas - Software Engineer at University of Colorado Boulder
Qengine is a dynamic quiz engine that can be integrated into your eLearning solution as a Moodle plugin. A dynamic quiz engine produces questions with different variables for each student. For example, in a problem that asks the student to solve for "x + y", each student receives a different 'x' and 'y' variable. This translates into more practice questions, better assessments, and fewer instances of academic misconduct. Qengine is made very powerful through the 3rd party tools it can use to help generate powerful questions, such as SageMath. In this presentation, you'll see examples of Qengine's capabilities, how it's used at the University of Colorado Boulder, and how you can start creating questions for your eLearning environments today.
Session 4 Dynamic Cyber Training with Moodle Peter Barrett - Carnegie Mellon University - Software Engineering Institute
Moodle's open source and highly configurable platform has enabled us to create training for cyber operators with high levels of fidelity and realism. In this presentation we'll review the unique requirements for training students in cyber security. Additionally, we'll cover the customizations we've made to Moodle plugins that allow for dynamic hands-on training in virtual environments, and finally our incorporation of automated assessment.
Session 5 Moodle Fixer Upper: The Big Reveal! Michelle Moore - ELearning consultant
Are you ready to see the fixer upper!?! The Moot renovation teams have been hard at work and are ready to strut their stuff! For each course renovation, you’ll see the before and then the amazing after! Improvements will include everything from visual design and overall usability to instructional design and pedagogy. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Thursdays Breakout Session 3 - 3:00 p.m. – 3:50 p.m.

Conference Room A unHosting: A New Way to Deploy and Manage Your Moodle Jonathan Moore - ELearning Consultant
Moodle exemplifies the open source spirit like no other learning management system. The software is free to download, the code is freely available, and there are plugins galore! With Moodle, you have the freedom to build the learning platform of your dreams! The challenge, until now though, has been to choose between taking advantage of all of the power and flexibility of Moodle (self-hosting) and the benefits of traditional Moodle hosting . . . until now! Join us in this focus group session to learn about and give feedback on our new Moodle toolset called unHosting. Tell us what you think and leave with a free fully customizable Moodle site for one year run on Amazon Web Services.
Sage Room Have You Started Converting Word Documents to an Accessible PDF Format? Brad Ricker - Moodle Administrator/Web Developer for Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services
We at the state have a specific Montana statue that requires accessibility – MCA 18-5-601. The Department of Public Health and Human Services has spent the last year training our web content managers, many of them also Moodle content creators how to make their Word, PDF, Excel and videos meet the WCAG 2.0 requirements. We have managed to mitigate the issues of over 4000 documents to meet the WCAG 2.0 standards and continue to monitor issues weekly as they arise.
Sandbox Moodle from a student's perspective Reid Rowsey - MountainMoot Lead Intern, Student at Carroll College, & King of the Swamp People
Have you ever wondered what's going on in the minds of your students? This session is a sneak peek into the brain of a typical Moodle student, Reid Rowsey. Reid is a Junior at Carroll College and the Main Mootineer Intern from the MountainMoot 2017 and 2018. After several months of working on the MountainMoot (with admin access to our Moodle), Reid has some ideas he thinks all teachers need to hear. We think there's a good chance this session will change the way you think about designing Moodle courses for the better.
Think Lab Ideas for Moodle in Private Industry Darrel Tenter - Senior Elearning Designer
Moodle is a very popular platform for K-12 and higher education. Over the past 5 years it has also been widely adopted by private companies. Sometimes it can be a challenge for a company to make the decision to use Moodle. And once they adopt it, how do they implement it? Do they use it for their staff or for their customers? Or both? In this session we'll look at some case studies of companies that decided to use Moodle - some successfully, and some not so much. We'll look at their decision processes, their choices, how they used Moodle in their market, and some of the ways they chose to deliver their learning content.

Thursdays Breakout Session 4 - 4:10 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Conference Room A IOMAD: a Multi-tenant Moodle Floyd Saner - E-learning Consultant Randy Thornton - Moodle Ronin
Multi-tenancy is the ability for a single site to provide distinct branding, management, content and users for multiple sub-organizations. For example, a school district might want to have separate management and branding for each school in the district. Or, a company might want to provide separate training programs for various departments in its organization. Core Moodle does not support multi-tenancy, and there are no plans to add it to core Moodle. IOMAD (pronounced ee-maw) is a multi-tenant version of Moodle developed by Moodle Partner, E-Learn Design Limited (Scotland). In this session I will demonstrate an IOMAD implementation and discuss its pros and cons.
Sage Room Quiz and Question behavior for the classroom teacher David Morrow - Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
Interactive with Multiple Tries? Adaptive Mode?? CBM??? Moodle’s question behavior and review option settings allow you to make major changes to quiz delivery very easily (drop-down menus and checkboxes), but just what do those settings mean - and how do they change what the kids see? This interactive session (bring your computer/tablet/phone) begins with an interactive tour to give participants a student’s point of view of Moodle’s basic question behavior settings. Then we’ll peel open the lid, look at the settings, and relate them to quiz/question behavior.
Sandbox What if you could hit the restart button on your institutions online program? Ryan Faulkner - Director of Online Learning Services, College of Eastern Idaho
What if you had the opportunity to “START OVER” with the creation of your online programs at your institution? What would you do different? What would you change? What successes would you amplify? What would you avoid like the plague??? Join me for a quick presentation of the creation of online programming at a new community college, and what I hope to be an insightful and robust discussion on what YOU would do to create a new culture for online learning programming at your institution if you had it to do all over again. Topics for thoughtful discussion would be: quality assurance, accreditation requirements, best practices, faculty support, online student services, and anything else you can think of when creating an online program Screen reader support enabled.
Think Lab How I Earned a Cape During My Third Day on the Job: Unwrapping SCORM Packages and More Ryan D. Hazen, M.Ed. - E-Learning Specialist Professional Development Bureau Office of Human Resources Montana Department of Corrections
Have you ever earned a cape at work? I did. It was easier than you think. Come see how I did it and learn about editing SCORM packages, tracking compliance training, and proactively nudging employees toward participation in training.

Fridays Breakout Session 5 - 8:30 a.m. – 9:20 a.m.

Conference Room A A Day in the Life of an Online Instructor Rick Jerz - Professor at The University of Iowa
This summer, Rick is delivering four online courses for The University of Iowa that will be active during our MoodleMoot. In this workshop, Rick will show some of the ways that he interacts with his students through Moodle. As an observer, you will be watching Rick interact with his students and courses, real-time! For these online courses, Rick will show how he organizes his courses, his use of quizzes, assignments, and forums, and will spend time addressing audience questions.
Sage Room Moodle as a framework Patrick Thibaudeau - CTEO & Vice President
Contrary to its intended use as a Learning Management System (and perhaps contrary to expectations), Moodle can serve as such a framework for integrating a heteroclitous set of programs/functions/modules. System design used to be top-down, hierarchical, and all-encompassing. Now Moodle has the ability to have many modules that all interact in a network. This session covers the benefits of Using a Framework, as well as the benefits of using Moodle as a Framework. Examples of Application Integration Based on a Moodle Framework will be shown including: Scheduler, inventory management, Mobile applications, curriculum management and many more.
Sandbox Managing live online learning projects from start to finish Kathryn Fortin - EdTech Solution Architect
You need to deliver live trainings to lots of people in different locations on a regular basis. You also need to report the effectiveness of the trainings. Where do you start? How do you manage all of the technology, the content, and the people? With a little planning, the right tools, best practices, and some great advice you can deliver successful trainings every time!
Think Lab Gamification Through Narratives - Choose Your Own Adventure Lessons! Shalimar Anderson - Chief Moonami Mischief Maker
In this session, we'll look at a Moodle Lesson that is serving as a Choose Your Own Adventure style activity. Exploring learner engagement with one of Moodle's most robust activity modules.

Fridays Breakout Session 6 - 9:30 a.m. – 10:20 a.m.

Conference Room A $FREE.99 Challenge Ted Ward, E-Learning Specialist Professional Development Bureau Office of Human Resources Montana Department of Corrections
Creating content and getting student engagement for free. How? That’s the challenge! According to Common Sense Media, teens spend only three percent of their time creating new things, but they spend an average of 9 hours a day consuming media. How much do you consume? How much do you create? You don’t have to be an expert to get great content. You don’t even need a budget. This course will guide you through the process.
Sage Room Designing on a Shoestring; Cool Tools for making inexpensive media content Kathryn Fortin - EdTech Solution Architect
This session expands on last years Cool Tools session with a hands on session this year. It can be a challenge and require creative finesse for instructors and course creators to locate copyright-friendly media that meets their topic and quality needs. It’s always best to create your own materials, but time constraints and ability may not fit within your timeline. This session will help attendees discover where to find inexpensive images, create custom images and videos and get access to custom powerpoint templates, on the Internet, that are free or very inexpensive that can help without hurting your budget.
Sandbox Filling the Instructional Gaps with H5P Randy Stamm - eLearning Coordinator for Idaho State University
Find out how Idaho State University (ISU) Course Design team utilized H5P to address instructional gaps within online courses offered in Moodle ISU. This presentation will review several online courses and H5P activities used to support faculty address instructional problems difficult to facilitate online. A demonstration of H5P and Moodle integration options will be covered.
Think Lab Managing Course Content Using a “Personal Repository” Rick Jerz - Professor at The University of Iowa
Managing course content is a task that all instructors must do. Keeping content organized, updated, and delivered to students is always a challenge. There are many ways to do this, including some tools right in Moodle. But wouldn’t it be nice if all of your course content could be managed right on your computer, and then somehow coordinated with your course on Moodle? This presentation will describe an alternative method to bridging this connection between computer-based files and your Moodle course. Having a simple place, called a repository, or in this case, a “personal repository,” that you somehow connected to actual courses will be presented. The “bridge” that will be described is a personal web server. I will describe the advantages and disadvantages of this personal repository approach.