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Wednesday Morning Pre-Moot Workshops: 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Workshop A
Higher Ed
Learning Still Matters: Applying Cognitive Science to Create Great Digital Learning Experiences Jason Neiffer & Mike Agostinelli - Montana Digital Academy
Whether you are teaching remotely or at a distance by choice, or have been provided the opportunity to do so by global pandemics, many of the tried and true strategies that work in face-to-face classrooms often bring different results online. Join Jason and Mike for a fast-paced and frank discussion about learning science and developing brain-driven materials for the digital classroom. You will walk away with strategies you can introduce in your very next teaching opportunity.
Learning, Creating, Reflecting & Sharing with Seesaw Traci Piltz - K-3 Technology Integration Specialist, Billings, Montana
Seesaw is a digital portfolio tool that allows students to create, share and reflect on their learning. This session will teach you the basics of Seesaw, and discuss its uses both in the classroom and outside of the classroom (during distance learning or for connecting with families). The beginning of this session will focus on Seesaw basics, then go into more depth on using and creating Seesaw activities. .
Higher Ed
Cardboard Circuits Conn McQuinn and Caitlin McQuinn with Dan Case - McQuinnable Educational Services
Paper circuits are fun, but not very robust. Electronic kits are useful, but they’re pretty expensive. Cardboard circuits hit the sweet spot! Learn how to create low-cost materials that students can use to explore basic electronics, integrate into projects, and use with micro controllers such as Micro:bit, Makey Makey, Arduino, and others. Participants will receive a basic set of materials before the session in the mail. Session is limited to 20 people.
Higher Ed
Introduction to Moodle for Teachers Ryan Hazen - Instructional Technologist/Moodle Admin at Carroll College
New to Moodle? No problem. With just a little guidance you can set up a course that looks and feels like home. This session will show you how to add files, activities, resources, and more to a fresh Moodle course provided for you to work on within the MountainMoot Moodle. You can also work within your own course in your own Moodle if you wish, even if it looks different than ours! You will still be able to complete all of the tasks in this session.
Workshop H
Higher Ed
To quiz or not to quiz - that is the question.. Amy Tessitore - Instructional Designer, Client Care Analyst at eThink
Through this workshop attendees will explore all things Quiz. From discussing the purpose of testing to creating meaningful evaluations using Moodle Quiz, participants will be challenged to evaluate bigger picture behind assessment. Through a facilitator lead brainstorming session, participants will collaborate to develop and share ways online tools, such a quiz, can be used to assess student competency and to form meaningful connections with learners and their learning needs, resulting in improved education practice and outcomes.

Wednesday Afternoon Pre-Moot Workshops: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Do More with Moodle: An Introduction to Moodle Workplace Michelle Moore - e-learning consultant
With the ability to string courses into programs; address the unique needs of multiple audiences seamlessly; automate anything and everything with dynamic rules; and a flexible and intuitive report-builder; it seems that Moodle Workplace has something for almost everyone! In this workshop, we’ll provide a hands-on, guided tour of Moodle’s latest platform with a focus on the features that set it apart from the Moodle we all know and love! Every workshop participant will be provided with their own Moodle Workplace site for the workshop and for the month following the Moot for further exploration.
Workshop G
Higher Ed
Introduction to Moodle for Administrators Ryan Hazen - Instructional Technologist/Moodle Admin at Carroll College
This session is designed for current and aspiring Moodle Administrators. We will cover all the basics of creating courses, adding content at scale, adding plugins, managing users, managing course categories, dealing with enrollments, and all sorts of other nuts-and-bolts administration. We will also cover some basic theme modification as well as a few handy look and feel tricks.
Workshop H
Higher Ed
Bringing Presence to the Online Classroom Amy Tessitore - Instructional Designer, Client Care Analyst at eThink
In this session we will explore how to use various Moodle activities and resources to transfer face-to-face teaching skills and presence to the online classroom; learning to establish presence when we can't be present. Based on research student focused research, this session will delve into the teaching presence behaviors students most desire in the online classroom, pairing each with a Moodle activity. Participants will have access to a Moodle classroom with examples and activities, and will also have the opportunity to share their advice, tips and things to avoid when teaching in an online classroom.
Workshop I
GSuite For K12 Shaundel Krumheuer - TIS/LMS, Billings Senior High School, Billings, MT
GSuite tools create an environment that fosters the 4 Cs for teachers and students! In this hands-on session, we will explore how Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms can be used in face-to-face and asynchronous learning environments. From content you can use to deliver lessons to your students to empowering your students to create, GSuite can do it all! We will go through many creative ways to use these tools and sprinkle in some Google tips & tricks, too!
Workshop J
Moving in! How to transfer your current setup into Moodle Jessica Bryant - Online Learning Coordinator, Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI)
In this session we will take one participant’s Weebly, website, or other current setup and use it to demonstrate how to “move in” to the Moodle world. Throughout the demonstration we will pause to give you time to do the same, answer questions, and show and tell what you’ve built.

Thursday Breakout Session 1 - 8:00 a.m. – 8:50 a.m.

Session 1A Accessibility and Universal Design Gavin Henrick - Co-Founder of Brickfield Education Labs, Ireland
If you have ever used subtitles when watching that great youtube video during a slow Football game, tabbed through a form, or made text bigger in a browser when it is too small to read you have used an accessibility feature. As a learning community, we want to be inclusive and support all learners and staff, however often we don't quite succeed due to lack of awareness and understanding and resources.This session is for those interested in understanding accessibility and where and how to start to improve their Moodle courses.
Session 1B Making Moodle Work for you using Automation Chris Pratt - Client Care Analyst, eThink Education
Moodle is extremely flexible in the way that you can use it meaning that we can often spend more time administering it than developing content for it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just upload a user and everything else was automated? This presentation will showcase how you can automate all your processes from dynamically adding users to cohorts, enrolling users based on profile fields and how using these can reduce your admin burden. This session will explore several 3rd party plugins to make Moodle work for you!
Session 1C SESSION CHANGE: Flipping for Flipgrid! Gary Meyers - Technology Integration Specialist, Helena Public Schools
Flipgrid is a free short video tool that will take your online engagement to the next level. Learn how to easily use this tool to engage and empower every voice in your classroom. This session was originally "where do we go from here" - by Sarah Rainey But she finds herself in a Montana Cabin with limited internet.
Session 1D Best Practices for teaching online Jess Bryant - Teacher Learning Hub Coordinator, MT Office of Public Instruction
You are comfortable with your content, can teach it in person like a pro, and know your way around Moodle - but how comfortable are you with your online teaching skills? Join us for a discussion on best practices for teaching online and leave with practical ideas to implement in your online courses.
Session 1E Inside your students' brain Annelies Djonckheere - Head of Expansion, Wooclap
In this session, we'll cover the 3 winning strategies to learn efficiently based on research and what we and our teachers observed in the classrooms where Wooclap and Wooflash is used. Wooclap is an interactive platform used by more than 300,000 teachers to boost classes through the use of smartphones. The platform is built on the latest cognitive science discoveries and studies of different pedagogical practices in order to maximize information retention and enhance the impact of learning in a face-to-face course. Of course, we do have Moodle Plugins available to connect our tools to Moodle!
Session 1F Finding the Motivation alternative to mandatory training Michelle Moore - Founder & Education Consultant, My Learning Consultants
Imagine the first days on the job for a new employee in your organization*. There’s paperwork, of course, a whirlwind of introductions, and the training. Your new, energetic employee is now faced with hours in isolation clicking through screens, watching videos, and taking multiple-choice tests that may only slightly reflect the reality of the job. Sadly, your experienced crew doesn’t fare much better as ’teach and test’ training has become the norm. In this session we’ll explore alternatives to this standard operating procedure with activities that add realism for new hires while creating authentic learning experiences for more seasoned staff; collaborative problem-solving and content generation; and calls to recognize and challenge each other (with minimal risk of snoring!).
Session 1G ADDED SESSION: intelliboard Speaker info - intelliboard
Presented by intelliboard - more information coming very soon.

Thursday Keynote - 9:15 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

Keynote 1 Conspiracies and Culture Wars: Media Literacy Needed! Wesley Fryer - Technology Integration and Innovation Specialist,Casady School
Social media and digital technologies shape public perceptions, mainstream media headlines, and culture today more than ever in earth history. To be literate and constructive citizens of our communities, everyone connected to the web needs robust skills to filter information, identify credible sources This keynote seeks to connect the dots.

Thursday Breakout Session 2 - 11:00 a.m. – 11:50 a.m.

Session 2A Moodle Gradebook Ryan Hazen - Instructional Technologist, Carroll College
Aggravated by aggregation? Confused by Categories? Vexed by views? Exasperated by Extra Credit? This half-day training session on Moodle Gradebook will open your eyes to the limitless possibilities of the most powerful grade tracking system in the world. We will begin by focusing on the big ideas of the gradebook, establishing principles of its design that will help us understand multiple specific applications of the system. At the end of the session, you shouldn't ever have to say "gradebook can't do that" again.
Session 2B How eThink & TechTrep are Using Multitenancy to Support STEM Education Benn Cass- Customer Solutions Architect, eThink Education
eThink Education helped TechTrep build a tailored multitenant Moodle Workplace platform that allows them to share their comprehensive catalogue of STEM, CTE and entrepreneurship courses with multiple audiences. TechTrep’s unique LMS implementation provides individual school districts with a separate, branded tenant in Moodle Workplace, while special permission attributes allow homeschoolers and prospects to easily access specific courses in a separate tenant. Join this session to explore how the multitenant functionality in Moodle Workplace has supported TechTrep’s mission of providing STEM courses to students across the country by streamlining processes and accommodating the different use cases of their audiences while providing the appropriate level of access to each.
Session 2C Engaging Technology for Little Learners Traci Piltz - K-3 Technology Integration Specialist, Billings Public Schools
This session is for primary (K-3) educators looking for new strategies for using digital tools with their young learners. Learn about apps and websites created just for littles and HOW to use them for hands-on, student centered learning in the primary classroom. Participants will discuss meaningful media use and appropriate screen time for littles while learning more about amazing digital learning tools available for young children for traditional and distance learning.
Session 2D 2020 Educational Challenges: Identifying and Targeting Learning Gaps With Help from Technology Ryan Schrenk - EdReady MT Program Manager
In this session, learn how a locally implemented educational technology solution supported by a state-led team of educational experts can help your school identify and target learning gaps in math and help students become critical readers and effective writers no matter what your fall classroom looks like. EdReady Montana is a free state-wide program that is being used by educators from upper elementary and secondary to higher education to meet the unique teaching and learning needs of this particularly challenging year. Gain access to resources, discuss your needs and learn how this program could fit into your school.
Session 2E Screen Recording with Loom Dan Case - Director of Academic Technology, Carroll College
Screen recording is one of the tools that every teacher should have in their toolbox. Great for easy step by step instruction, paper review, feedback or even quick slide presentations. Loom is a great new tool that has opened up their platform for educational use for free. Even if you are not in education, using this simple easy to use yet powerful tool will expand your tool-chest and save you hours of time. Get up and running with this tool and hear tips and tricks to get the most out of your screen-recordings.
Session 2F Wrangling Moodle Workplace for use at a Construction Co Sean Courtney - Construction Technologist, Dick Anderson Construction
We are going to share about how we took the newest flavor of Moodle - Moodle Workplace - and threw some unique problems from the construction industry at it. We will see how we built some new tools around Workplace and implemented this at Dick Anderson Construction to solve a lot of issues and make it training compliance and tracking much easier for the company.

Thursday Breakout Session 3 - 1:00 p.m. – 1:50 p.m.

Session 3A Moodle Activity Completion: Making Work Visible Ben Kahn - Technology Solutions Architect, University of Portland
Learners in many online or hybrid courses struggle to understand what is expected of them, when, what they have already completed, and how far they have to go. Moodle has a built-in feature to help students understand and plan their workload. When Activity completion is set-up properly, it can be a benefit for both learners and instructors. In this interactive session we’ll cover basic set-up and best practices, look at some plugins that can extend activity completion, and touch on how course progression, digital badging, and competency-based education fit into the mix.
Session 3B Moodle Lightning Sessions: Andy Braden, Rick Jerz and Charlie Wellenstein - Great Folks
1) Making more out of your front page Moodle has a single landing page which is great and all, but does not offer a lot of clear ways to differentiate information for different needs/purposes/audiences. There are tools and tricks in the front page that allow for rich complex designs and information display that parallel what we normally think of for web sites and web design.
2) Quality Matters Certification of a Business Analytics Course: Online, Asynchronous, and Using Moodle Quality Matters Certification of a Business Analytics Course: Online, Asynchronous, and Using Moodle.
3) Can Higher-Ed and workforce training co-exist? Transitions in higher education move slowly while the outside world speeds along. This session traces the movement of the University of Montana’s Center for Children, Families, and Workforce Development to match the pace of online training and education in the workplace.
Session 3C Blended Learning In the Elementary Classroom Nikki Vradenburg - Director of Education, MontanaPBS
It can be challenging to create a blended learning environment where students will thrive. Balancing online platforms for building skills with creative tasks using technology can feel like a juggling act! Learn about techniques for keeping the teacher at the forefront of effective instruction while managing the demands of technology and blended learning in K-3 classrooms.
Session 3D Maintaining Quality in Online Learning Mike Agostinelli - Instructional Program Director, Montana Digital Academy
How is quality maintained in online learning? Join Mike Agostinelli, Montana Digital Academy's Instructional Program director, as he demonstrates MTDA's recruitment and onboarding process for online teachers, supervision and evaluation process, and surveying and feedback strategies with all online learning stakeholders to ensure quality for student learners.
Session 3E It's Time for something Different: Breakout EDU Ann Brucker - Director of Digital Learning, Breakout EDU
Breakout EDU is the immersive learning games platform - an escape room in a box! In this case, the box and locks are virtual... and that means even more opportunity to hilight the 4Cs. Join Ann from the Breakout EDU Games Team as she guides you through an interactive digital game to demonstrate how you can use the same concept with learners in your own virtual (or eventually real-life) classroom.
Session 3F Choosing the right LMS: Case Study Kathryn Fortin - Founder, EdTech Solutions Architect
One size does not fit all! After a global company had two failed attempts at using different LMS systems, they decided to thoroughly analyze what would be the best fit for them. As the LMS SME on the project for a large international retailer, I helped them define and fine-tune their business and technical requirements, found LMS platforms that aligned with the business & technical needs, went through an RFP process and then an onsite demo of the platforms that made the cut. Then compared the finalists to see what LMS platforms would be asked to participate in the Proof of Concept phase. Come see how the project was defined and implemented based on the company’s needs & requirements. Moreover, come see which platforms were the winners and why!

Thursdays Breakout Session 4 - 4:00 p.m. – 4:50 p.m.

Session 4A Getting it done! How to use Moodle for advising, teaching, supervision and more! Amy Hardy - Clinical Associate Professor, Idaho State University
Knowing your online audience in order to deliver a quality learning experience that meets the needs of all different types of learner has been a priority in the profile of the online environment. Understanding the characteristics and needs of the online learner is paramount during this time. This presentation will address how Moodle is used by an administrator, advisor, and academic clinical professor to overcome online barriers and assist your program in becoming flexible, engaging and supportive so that students who are not place-bound are meeting their educational goals (Dabbagh, 2007). The presentation will directly address how to set up a Moodle advising site that can be recreated each year and keeps your students engaged/advised and in the know. The presentation will show how simulation can be added to your online courses and increase learner engagement and experience. There will be breakout groups to assist in specific needs of the group that can be directly implemented so that your online learning environment allows students to meet their educational goals. Lastly the presentation will demonstrate how this has impacted administration and accreditation guidelines for a successful online program.
Session 4B Build a Badge Andy Braden - Solutions Engineer, Blackboard
Badges are great, but it can seem intimidating to figure out where to start and how to make them work in your course. In this interactive session, let's build some badges! We will discuss the way Badges works, how to create or find icons to use for badges, construct the badge details, and add them to course content.
Session 4C Google A-Z Shelley Stanton - Technology Integration Specialist, Billings Public Schools
There's a Google tool, extension, or tip for every letter of the alphabet and this advanced, fast-paced session will cover Shelly’s favorites in a speedy manner. To gain the most from this experience it will be helpful to have a basic knowledge of the Google Suite as well as a tolerance for an energetic presenter.
Session 4D Building a Successful Program With or Without Walls Ryan Schrenk - EdReady MT Program Mgr, Montana Digital Academy
Teaching with technology is a hot topic with the emergency move to remote teaching and learning due to Covid-19. In this session, learn and discuss how to build your programs for next year around research-based proven strategies that work well and will improve the experience for students, parents, teachers and staff.
Session 4E Virtual PBIS: Motivating students in any learning environment Andrew Hutcheson - ClassCraft Learning Specialist
PBIS is the best approach educators have to improving student behavior. But with so much uncertainty on the horizon, how can administrators adapt their PBIS approach to work in any setting? PBIS is the best approach educators have to improving student behavior. But with so much uncertainty on the horizon, how can administrators adapt their PBIS approach to work in any setting? In this session, we’ll discuss Virtual PBIS, an approach to PBIS that’s capable of improving behavior whether students are learning at home or in the classroom. We’ll explore what Virtual PBIS is, how it’s different from traditional approaches, and what makes it so versatile and effective.
Session 4F JUST ADDED! Moodle for the Enterprise Dean Saunders - CEO of eCreators
Whether you're big, little or small, people always looking for additional features and plugins to make their Moodle more configurable. Come down the rabbit hole with Dean Saunders, CEO & Founder at eCreators, as he takes you on a journey of what's possible. In its elegant simplicity with one of the world's friendliest Moodle theme - Learnbook, the highly configurable Moodle take, in use by hundreds of global organizations.

Friday Breakout Session 5 - 8:00 a.m. – 8:50 a.m.

Session 5A Hands off! Automating Moodle Processes Darrell Tenter - Fortech Solutions
Imagine you're a training director for a large retail organization with almost 90 locations. Your stores are hiring every day. All those new people need to be registered in Moodle and enrolled into multiple course groups. New hires can't always access their email to confirm their registration. So managers sent requests in to corporate, who confirmed the accounts manually. Then the store manager would give an enrollment key to the new user and they would enroll themselves. This was all very time consuming.
Session 5B Create Custom H5P Course Presentations Sacha Johnson - Senior Instructional Technologist, Idaho State University
Do you find the Previous and Next navigation options in the H5P Course Presentation boring, but don't know how to change it? Step outside the standard linear presentation and create custom navigation for interactive worked examples in H5P.
Session 5C Parents as Partners: Enhancing Parent-Teacher Communication Using Technology Nikki Vradenburg - Director of Education, MontanaPBS
Newsletters, apps, text messages and phone calls, oh my! There are so many useful ways to stay in touch with families but it can be overwhelming for both teachers and parents if there isn’t a plan in place to do it! Effective communication between homes and schools can be essential in helping students experience success in the classroom. Learn about digital tools for communication and how to develop a clear communication plan to help parents and teachers stay connected.
Session 5D Gamification for the win! Jeff Campbell - Director, Mootivation Technologies
Let's dive into the Moodle gamification plugins and have a look at what's possible to drive learner engagement and motivation. We'll go through some of the principles of gamification, introduce a handful of plugins, and explain how you can use them.
Session 5E 5 Ways to Make Online Teaching Tougher Michelle Moore - Founder & Education Consultant, My Learning Consultants
From generating content and designing activities to answering questions and providing feedback, the list of things to do when teaching online can start to feel pretty overwhelming! If you’re like most, there are at least a few things that make your online teaching job tougher than it needs to be. In this session we’ll discuss processes that can be streamlined, tasks that can be eliminated, and activities that can be improved for your benefit and that of your learners. In exchange, you’ll be in a better position to give your learners the best of what you have to offer and enhance the learning experience overall. It’s a win-win for everyone!
Session 5F Extending Moodle Through Integrations Kristin Kilburn - Client Care Analyst, eThink Education
Extend your learning ecosystem through the endless integration options available with Moodle. This session will provide an overview of the integrations available to enable the exchange of data between Moodle and many other systems including ERP, SIS, and eCommerce solutions to name a few. Moodle integrations allow for real-time updates to users, courses, and enrollments into Moodle as well as post-back integrations for grades and attendance. Integration methodologies ranging from flat-file to xAPI will also be reviewed as part of the robust customization capabilities that are the hallmark of the Moodle platform.

Friday Keynote - 9:30 a.m. – 10:20 a.m.

Keynote 2 Jaime Casap Jaime Casap -
Information coming soon.

Fridays Breakout Session 6 - 11:00 a.m. – 11:50 a.m.

Session 6A Come On In, the Water Is Warm: Using Question Banks (Pools) in Quiz Melanie Scott - Trainer, Kansas State Department of Education
The quiz activity is one of the most powerful activities in Moodle. It can be used for so many things. When you want a truly random quiz where not all students get the same questions in the same order, using question banks to create pools of questions to choose from is sometimes daunting. This presentation will cover question bank types (site, category, course, activity) and tips to create new banks and assign the questions to the banks you want.
Session 6B WHAT HAPPEN TO MY CLASSROOM? Randy Stamm - eLearning Coordinator, Idaho State University
This presentation will look at the survey responses from both students and teachers after having to respond to the changes in the teaching-learning environment spawned by the COVID Pandemic. A survey instrument was developed to identify support gaps and concerns moving from the classroom to Moodle ISU. Find out what we learned from our student and faculty stakeholders.
Session 6C Differentiation with Moodle Troy Patterson - Director, Technology & Media Services, Dearborn Public Schools
Do you need to differentiate for your students? Do you have students with different needs? Students with an IEP or 504 plan? Just want to provide the best options possible for ALL students? Learn some tips on setting up your course and providing options for students. Learn to use choice restriction, audio/visual options, completion status, restrictions and more. Learn some real tips and tricks to make your course even better.
Session 6D Reading Still Matters: Reconsidering Literacy in a Online, Blended and Digital Learning Jason Neiffer - Assistant Director, Montana Digital Academy
As educators experiment more with digital resources, there is an increased need to consider reading skill as an important indicator of success in using digital resources. While video makes up a large channel of content, the web is still a reading-driven medium. Join Jason as he discusses reading in digitally-enhanced classrooms, including a review of research, challenges for students reading digitally, and some student-friendly best practices for teaching good reading strategy with digital sources.
Session 6E Adapting to COVID-Related Challenges with Moodle at Simpson College Claire Kruse - Director of Service, eThink Education
Over the past few months, eThink has witnessed an impressive range of strategies being implemented by our clients to support faculty and students during the quick transition to remote instruction necessitated by COVID-19. Among them, Simpson College has leveraged the power of their Moodle site to position themselves successfully during the transition to fully online learning and for the continued uncertainty surrounding the upcoming academic year. To support faculty and learners during this transition, they created just-in-time resources for the face-to-face to online transition and used Moodle reporting for retention initiatives. To position themselves for continued success moving forward, they have developed a unique opportunity for faculty to develop their Moodle skills and plan to use Moodle for syndromic surveillance when everyone returns to campus. In this short presentation you'll learn how pandemic-related challenges were met, what was learned, and how Moodle has been positioned as a tool to support the campus now and in the future.
Session 6F Managing A Successful Virtual Team Kathryn Fortin - Founder, EdTech Solutions Architect
How do you build a company culture with remote workers? How do you avoid failure when it comes to your virtual team? Are you aware of the differences when it comes to virtual teams vs. traditional in-person teams? How can you set up your virtual team for success? Virtual teams are on the rise and if you already have one, you know they come with their own set of benefits and challenges.

Fridays Breakout User Choosen Session 7 - 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

UnConference 7A Session Title TBA MtMoot Community
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UnConference 7B Session Title TBA MtMoot Community
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UnConference 7C Session Title TBA MtMoot Community
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UnConference 7E Session Title TBA MtMoot Community
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UnConferecne 7F Session Title TBA MtMoot Community
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Fridays Breakout Session 8 - 2:00 p.m. – 2:50 p.m.

Session 8A Spice up your Love Moodle life Lance Roe - Instructional Technologist, Idaho State University
I'll share some simple tips that you can do to give your Moodle course some personality, interactivity, and creativity that is both fun for you and your students. See a real academic course that I developed that utilizes the concepts that will be talked about.
Session 8B Digital Leadership Badges: A Nested Approach Christian Gilde & Justin Mason - E-Learning, University of Montana Western
This presentation will showcase a leadership course which awards digital badges within the Moodle learning management system for different levels of leadership. The theoretical grounding is based on the concept of a nested model which charts the individual, team, and organizational leadership skills of students. It is a collaborative, value-model in which the individual, team, and organizational levels are codependent. Digital badges, in the context of these leadership skills, are used to operationalize the three nested leadership levels. The individual level provides a foundation for building personal leadership skills through a strengths-finder assessment and analysis. The team level focuses on developing collaborative leadership capacity when working closely with others as exemplified by an exercise that asks teams of students to undertake a virtual climb of Mount Everest. The third level of analysis highlights the organizational process in relation to how NASA handled the Space Shuttle Columbia explosion. Overall, the presentation will show the learning objectives and practicality of this approach to use Moodle in the context of digital badges.
Session 8C Git for Moodle Admins: Not as crazy as it sounds! Ben Kahn - Technology Solutions Architect, University of Portland
Every Moodle developer knows something about using Git for version control. But did you know Git is also an incredibly powerful tool for Moodle admins? If you want to speed up deployments and upgrades, support a test/staging/production pipeline, and easily manage your site and plugin versions, then you need Git! This interactive workshop is intended for admins who manage or are curious about managing Moodle servers will provide a gentle introduction to using Git on the command line and via Github.
Session 8D K-16 Distance Teaching 101 Ryan Hazen - Instructional Technologist, Carroll College
Worried about the Fall? Good! That’s the first step to being prepared for whatever 2020 throws at you. This session is about how to anticipate learner struggles and take proactive steps to mitigate them both in and out of the classroom. While there is no magic bullet, this session, (based on three weeklong sessions with working teachers in June 2020) will share assignment styles and strategies that can help your distance teaching happen more seamlessly than you might have ever imagined.
Session information coming soon.