Room Friday Sessions July 7th
10:20-11:10 Session 1
1A Sage Room Creating a Moodle Gradebook for In-Person or Partially Online Classes. - Vicke Denniston - A 50 minute hands on session focused on creating a gradebook for a face to face or blended/hybrid course using different Moodle tools. We'll start at the beginning, point out some of the common pitfalls and avoid them, and come out the other side with a useful gradebook.
1B SandBox Designing a Course for Course Designers - Jessica Bryant - Have lots of potential courses and eager teachers? But they have no experience with online learning or Moodle?! Well sure they can just load a PowerPoint or a 2 hour video - that qualifies as a course... Right?? No! Then, why don’t you just create all the courses for them, you have time… probably not. So how do you get your staff ready to create a quality course with active learning? Come find out how the Teacher Learning Hub has addressed these issues and created an internal process that includes a course on course design.
1C ThinkLab Using Pandas and Python to Noodle around your Moodle Data - Michale Spall - Analyzing data to better inform our teaching, learning, and institutional effectiveness is a hot topic. Moodle generates a plethora of data, but what is the important data and how should it be analyzed? Python is an easy language to use with a large number of scientific libraries and a large, open, helpful community. Pandas is an open-source library that provides high-performance, easy-to-use data structures and data analysis tools for the Python. Combining these allows fast prototyping and easy analysis to test various ideas and search for patterns in your Moodle data. See how to become a Moodle data guru and how to share your ideas with others in the Moodle Community.
1D Conference Room A Teaching Presence in Online Learning: Why It Matters - David Bentz - This session will explore teaching presence as it relates to online learning. An overview of the research literature will be presented followed by a discussion on how to incorporated actionable teaching presence items into distance learning environments. Attendees will gain a greater insight into both teaching presence as it impacts online student learning. The presentation will provide an open discussion period exploring tips and techniques on how to increase and improve online students' sense of belonging within virtual learning environments.
1E Downstairs 122 Moodle Groups and Groupings - Ryan Hazen - Did you know that you can group students in gradebook, assignment, forum, and many other Moodle Modules? This session will deomnstrate how to create and manage groups in a Moodle course so that you can flexibly group students in different activities according to your needs. We will review how to create groups randomly and manually, put them in "groupings" that can participate in activites together, and evern use groups to create a personal journaling forum!
11:25-12:15 Session 2
1A Sage Room Create accessible interactivity in your course to increase engagement with H5P! - Mike Agostinelli & Jason Neiffer - Great online courses leverage interactive content to engage learners and create a more active learning environment in your course. Historically it has been difficult to create your own interactive content, but now with H5P it is possible. H5P is accessible, built on the latest internet standard, and straightforward to use. Mike and Jason, from the Montana Digital Academy will walk you through how to get started as well as give examples of how MTDA has integrated H5P into courses.
1B SandBox Intentional Design Framework - Dan Clark - An introduction and exploration of the Intentional Design Framework, a heuristic model of the interrelation of complex elements that characterize and influence the design and delivery of instruction. A key element of the Western Oregon University Center for Academic Innovation’s Tailored Instruction approach, the Intentional Design Framework is not a step-by-step recipe for the design process, rather it is a conceptual illustration of the learning environment from both the instructor and the learner’s point of view. The framework’s dual perspective provides designers and instructors unique insights that can inform their selection and application of instructional models, methods, and strategies to most beneficially serve both the student and the learning endeavor.
1C ThinkLab Moodle Progress Completion and Tracking - Student Retention - Randy Stamm - This presentation will provide an overview of Completion Tracking and Completion Progress in Moodle ISU. The Completion Progress block is a time-management and retention tool for students and can be visually described as a set of color-coded symbols that represent completion status of activities or resources. It allows the instructor to view the progression of each student as they engage with the course content when completion tracking is enabled. Not only does the tool help students keep track of their progress, it allows instructor to send messages or take notes on students who are falling behind in the course.
1D Conference Room A Best Practices for Using Socratic Dialogue in Moodle Discussion Forums - Henrietta Nickels Shirk - Socratic Dialogue is defined and related to examples of student-instructor interactions in the Moodle Discussion Forum within the contexts of both fully online and blended classes. Recent relevant research on online teaching that employs Socratic Dialogue methods is highlighted, and best practices for such online educational exchanges are described. Attendees will be given several sample scenarios for discussion purposes and a list of recommended readings on Socratic Dialogue techniques.
1E Downstairs 122 Moodle Assignment - Ryan D. Hazen - Moodle Assignment is an excellent way to collect student papers and give feedback on them. In addition to tracking multiple student drafts and multiple graders in a single assignment, Moodle Assignment is capable os grasing using a clickable rubric and giving feedback on each criteria of the rubric.
12:15-1:30 Lunch
1:40-2:40 Lightning Presentations at the Carroll Flex Theatre
SNAP to it: Using your LMS to manage departmental projects
Lisa Bagdan, Amy Tessitore
Customizing Boost to Look MORE Attractive Rick Jerz
A Librarian in Every Course Thomas Gillespie
What's Up with the Moodle User's Association?Emma Richardson
3:00-3:50 Session 3
1A Sage Room Moodle Quizes - Joshua Bragg - This session will help you set up multiple choice, matching, essay, and fill-in-the-blank questions in Moodle Quiz. We will also discuss how to design and set up feedback so that students see feedback on their work directly after answering a question.
1B SandBox Using Moodle to Get on With Class - Kimberly Shire - Invisible use of Moodle can provide instructors with the tools needed to focus on learning activities in the classroom. Instead of lectures and evaluations in class, students and professors can spend their limited and valuable face-time moments practicing new skills and applying academic material introduced outside of class using Moodle. This session will provide examples of coursework that can be effectively shifted to online platforms, and the sorts of classroom learning that are possible when academic work is moved to outside class hours.
1C ThinkLab If you aren't Learning, you aren't Winning - Kathryn Fortin - What is Gamification and why should Gamification be important to you? Gamification uses proven techniques from game design to pull your learners in. So, why aren't you using ​them? With ​n​early two-thirds of Americans using smartphones, and ​over 41% of the world population using the internet, they are accustomed to having engaging information at their fingertips. So how are you going to win over these technology-immersed learners?
1D Conference Room A Best of the Best - Emma Richardson - M for Moodle is actually M for Modular. The power of Moodle is the ability to install plugins and there are some great plugins out there. This presentation will go over Emma's must-have plugins and some other favorite plugins from the plugin database. Learn how to make the most out of Moodle by adding some great functionality!
1E Downstairs 122 Moodle Forum - Ryan Hazen - This session will cover the basics of Moodle forum. We will review different forum types, ratings, grading, and many other helpful tools. Participants will leave with a broad knowledge of how to set up and use Moodle forum to acheive a variety of objectives.
4:10-5:00 Session 4
1A Sage Room Mobile Gamification of Moodle - Encourage your students to Moodle more often - Jeff Campbell - Come find out what Gamification is and how it can be used to shape behaviour. After watching my students spend so much time on their phone and not enough time Moodling, we made a mobile app called Mootivated that uses Gamification to encourage your students to Moodle more often. The more students Moodle, the more Moot Coins they earn in the app. The app has an Avatar store and a school store where students can spend their hard earned coins. Our integrated web dashboard allows your site to manage the app and personalize it for your students. In this session, we will play in our Sandbox and you can learn how to customize the app through the dashboard, and see how it could be used to gamify your Moodle site.Moodle Gradebook - Ryan Hazen - This quick introduction to Moodle gradebook will demystify aggregation methods, categories, grade items, feedback, gradebook settings, and various reporting tools for Moodle Gradebook.
1B SandBox Pedagogy and Best Practices in Online Learning - Michelle Moore - Everyone’s online course comes with the same set of tools. The difference maker is in how they’re used. Let’s talk pedagogy and best practice in online learning. We’ll touch on grading and feedback, course communication, forums, and assignments and how to use these tools for maximum benefit and efficiency.
1C ThinkLab Make Your Content Interactive with H5P - Floyd Saner - Creating an interactive learning experience often requires the use of expensive specialized software. Since 2016 there has been a Moodle plugin, H5P, that facilitates the creation of rich content inside your LMS. Some examples are interactive video, quizzes, collage and timeline. In this session I will demonstrate examples of H5P content and how to create such content.
1D Conference Room A Tracking Student Activity & Participation in Moodle - Ryan Faulkner - Having trouble engaging and managing students? This presentation will show you how to track student activity and class participation using the reports and logs features in Moodle. We will also be talking about some strategies for dealing with cheating and encouraging student engagement.
1E Downstairs 122 Moodle Glossary - David Morrow - TBA
Room Saturday Sessions July 8th
8:30 - 9:20 Session 5
1A Sage Room Creating Accessible STEM Content in Moodle. - Aaron Page - Learn about the powerful tools provided by Moodle for creating accessible STEM content. This session will discuss the tools available in the Atto text editor for creating accessible tables, math equations, and chemistry formulae. Presenters will also show how complex STEM images can be made accessible by providing additional textual, tactile, and auditory information in Moodle. (This session will be co-presented with Marlene Zentz, Accessibility Specialist from the University of Montana)
1B SandBox Student Reflections on Moodle - Reid Rowsey - Have you ever wondered what's going on in the minds of your students? This session is a sneak peek into the brain of a typical Moodle student, Reid Rowsey. Reid is a Sophomore at Carroll College and the Main Mootineer Intern for MountainMoot 2017. After several months of working on the MountainMoot (with admin access to our Moodle), Reid has some ideas he thinks all teachers need to hear. We think there's a good chance this session will change the way you think about designing Moodle courses for the better.
1C ThinkLab Creating Your Own Instructional Videos - Rick Jerz - I have been creating my own instructional videos for 10 years. I thought it might be interesting to illustrate some software products that can be used for this.
1D Conference Room A BigBlueButton: Open Source Web Conferencing - Fred Dixon -The BigBlueButton project, an open source web conferencing system for online learning. We will be covering the road map for 2017 and the planned improvements to the Moodle integration. We'll also be showing the latest builds of the upcoming HTML5 client as well.
1E Downstairs 122 BREAKOUT EDU! - Dan Case - A new tool to get engagement and problem solving for kids (and adults) of any age. Feeling Competitive? Come join a group of your peers and race to problem solve and unlock 5 padlocks to compete the mission. Hands on fun learning. This session is for session 5 and 6
9:30 - 10:20 Session 6
1A Sage Room Accessibility MOOC and More! - Marlene Zentz - Attend this session and learn about a new Accessibility MOOC that will open for enrollment soon. The intended audience for this MOOC is designers and instructors in both K-12 and higher education, but anyone interested in learning about inclusive online course design in Moodle is welcome to attend. This moderated four-week MOOC covers key accessibility principles and includes multimedia demonstrations of their impact on assistive technology users. Time will be provided for a sneak preview of the MOOC, as well as an update on new accessibility/usability improvements made by Moodle HQ over the past year. (This session will be co-presented with Aaron Page, Accessibility Specialist at the University of Montana, and Jason Hardin, Senior Product Manager, Moodlerooms, Inc.)
1B SandBox Choose Your Own Moodle Adventure! - Darrell Tenter - At first blush, Moodle's completion tracking and access restriction tools are a simple. When you use them together, you can build a Moodle course that caters itself to your learners. Each student gets the right learning activities based on their progress in the course. To create a really effective course like this takes understanding and planning. In this session you will gain a full understanding of how completion tracking and access restrictions work, how you can use them together, see some courses in actions, and then we're create our own mini course.
1C ThinkLab Easy Certificates with the Custom Certificate Plugin - Floyd Saner - For many years there has been a Certificate plugin for Moodle. However it provide very limited customization unless you wanted to write or modify PHP code. A new version, Custom Certificate, has been released in which customization is done through a web interface. In this session I will demonstrate how to use the new Custom Certificate to create a highly customized certificate, add a variety of fields and elements, and position the elements anywhere on the certificate.
1D Conference Room A Reach your data peak! Explore IntelliBoard's reporting and analytics with an interactive demo/Q&A. - Amy Price - An overview of the advanced Moodle analytics tools offered by Intelliboard. Explore IntelliBoard's reporting and analytics with an interactive demo/Q&A.
1E Downstairs 122 BREAKOUT EDU! - Dan Case - A new tool to get engagement and problem solving for kids (and adults) of any age. Feeling Competitive? Come join a group of your peers and race to problem solve and unlock 5 padlocks to compete the mission. Hands on fun learning. This session is for session 5 and 6
11:00 - ??:?? MountainMoot Unconference with Lunch, Beer, & Brewery Tour - Ten Mile Brewing Company and Hawthorn Wine Bar - 48 N Last Chance Gulch, Helena, MT 59601 -