Room Thursday - July 6th
8:30 - 11:30 Pre Moot Session 1 - Hands on training
1A Sage Room Introduction to Moodle for Instructors - Joshua Bragg - This session is designed for instructors who are new to Moodle. This session will cover all the basics of creating a course, adding content, adding interactive modules, and interacting with students through Moodle. We will focus on the pedagogy as well as Moodle, so each tool we review will come with an in-depth explanation of scenarios in which an instructor might find that tool useful for running a class, online or in person. If you are new to teaching in Moodle this session is a must!
1B SandBox Built-in Training for your Users with User Tours - Michelle Moore - User Tours are a brand new feature of Moodle that allow you to create step-by-step tutorials built right into your Moodle. You can create a tour for any page in Moodle, which your users click to start the tour. The system then leads the user step-by-step through whichever process they need. Think of these as embedded tutorials for anyone using your Moodle. This session is for adminstrators or Moodle trainers.
1C ThinkLab Introduction to Moodle for Administrators - Emma Richardson - This session is designed for current and aspiring Moodle Administrators. We will cover all the basics of creating courses, adding content at scale, adding plugins, managing users, managing course categories, dealing with enrollments, and all sorts of other nuts-and-bolts administration.
1D Conference Room A H5P: Small Name - Big Content - David Morrow - The H5P ("HTML5 Package") plugin for Moodle gives teachers the power to create rich HTML5 content for their students. Interactive videos, flip cards, timelines, and many other assessments, games, and presentation tools are included in the built-in editor. This hands-on session will include: An interactive tour of several H5P content types, Guided practice in creating H5P content on a live Moodle site, Time to work! Build your own H5P activities - with facilitator support as needed, Showcase and sharing - H5P content is easily shareable. You will leave with copies of your work and others’, Short discussion of plugin installation and maintenance (To see examples of H5P activities, please visit
11:40 - 12:40 Lunch
1:00-4:00 Pre Moot Session 2 - Hands on training
1A Sage Room Comprehensive Overview of Moodle Gradebook - Ryan Hazen - This session will walk you through all of the minutae of Moodle Gradebook. We will cover reporting, aggregation, categories, grouping, extra credit, display choices, gradebook settings, and anyhting else you can imagine. You'll leave this session ready to go home and impress all your colleagues with your advanced gradebooking skills!
1B SandBox Effective Course Development Using Backward Design - Floyd Saner - In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to systematically create effective online learning experiences. We will learn about backward design (also known as Understanding by Design - UbD, or Integrated Course Design) using techniques developed by L. Dee Fink and Grant Wiggins & Jay McTighe. Participants are requested to come prepared with a particular course or module in mind. Resources and links to additional resources will be provided. This workshop is designed especially for course developers, faculty trainers or anyone who wants to improve the way in which they develop courses.
1C ThinkLab Cool Tools for Designing on a Shoe String - Kathryn Fortin - It can be a challenge and require creative finesse for instructors and course creators to locate copyright-friendly media that meets their topic and quality needs. There are a number of video, audio, and image creation tools out on the Internet that are free or very inexpensive that can help without hurting your budget. It’s always best to create your own materials, but time constraints and ability may not fit within your timeline. We have researched and gathered some of the best tools and resources to get the job done faster and cheaper - these tools will get you to the finish line!
1D Conference Room A Mazing Moodle Masters Dojo Session - Emma Richardson, Michelle Moore, Ryan Hazen, Randy Thornton - Have a question about Moodle? Know something about online learning? Do you think you can stump the experts? Maybe you think you can’t be stumped! Or perhaps you’re just curious to hear what you should be asking? Whether you are a seasoned expert or a total newbie, you’re sure to learn something in this session! As a group, we will delve into the best practices and the nuts and bolts of interacting with students in the Moodle environment. Prizes will be awarded for best question, best answer, and more as we strive to find the Super Moodler in the group! Facilitated by Michelle Moore, Emma Richardson, Randy Thornton, and Ryan Hazen.