The 11th Annual MountainMoot! (Online)

The MountainMoot conference will be hosted online this year once again. While we dearly miss the in person learning and get togethers, We will have lots of social hours, informal gatherings, virtual scavenger hunts, moot bucks and moot coin, gamification, prizes, mystery envelopes and even swag to keep you engaged. This is NOT your typical online conference, we are way more engaged than that.

Although we focus on the use of Moodle and academic technology to improve teaching and learning, we know a great conference needs more than just great content. In addition to quality sessions by leading Moodlers, teachers, managers, and just all around great persons, we work hard to create a community of teachers and learners that benefits our attendees long after the conference has closed.


Event Costs
Online Conference Registration - $50 - Includes pre-moot training, all the sessions and a sweet swag box with a T-shirt and goodies mailed right to your front door. Plus you are helping to support the conference, which is always a good thing.
Online Conference Registration - No swag Free - Includes pre-moot training, all the sessions and a great conference. No swag box, but lots of opportunities to win great stuff durning the conference!
Online Conference Swag with Speaker Discount $35 - Includes pre-moot training, conference registration, a mailed swag box, and the gratitude of all! Please submit a proposal here.


Do you have something to share - become a presenter and get some special stuff. Please submit a proposal here.

Registration opened on May 5th and the response has been amazing. Only a limited number of swag packs available! - join us!

We try to do quality items in our swag boxes - shipped right to your door (US and Canada only). Here is a picture of last years swag box (Women's T-shirt). Each box has over $30 worth of items in them. (that is a metal pint glass if you were wondering)

2021 boxes haven't been set yet, but will have similar quality items that you can use. Plus you support a good thing (and the shipping costs us more than you would think :-)
join us!