moot buck

What are MootBucks?

Very simply: MootBucks are a conference currency that you can use to purchase very real and very awesome prizes at the MountainMoot. Here’s how that works:

First, go to our sponsor tables and hear about their excellent products and services. They will have some MootBucks for you just for visiting! You can also earn MootBucks by participating in twitter challenges, scavenger hunts, and other fun activities during the conference. Finally, make sure you ask good questions and make helpful comments during your MountainMoot sessions, because our presenters just might have some MootBucks for you too!

Next, bring your MootBucks to our Friday night party, where (in addition to the free food and drinks) you can play board games, skill games, and even gamble to earn more MootBucks. Then just hang out at that party and participate in our live and silent auctions for thousands of dollars worth of prizes. At past conferences we have given away a Swivl's, a Myo armband, bluetooth speakers, Apple TV's, a Sphero Ollie, Kindle Fire's, and a whole boatload of other great prizes.

Remember that making friends and sharing knowledge is a good way to get more MootBucks, so don’t hesitate to get to know someone new. They might just have a high-denomination MootBuck to hand out! Most importantly, have fun and make connections. MootLoot prizes are great, but it’s the fellowship and networking that happens during the process that matters. Learn and enjoy!