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Is everything within walking distance?
Yes, if you stay in the on campus lodging or at the Best Western Hotel Great Northern, everything is within a short easy walk. This includes the Opening Reception at the Lower Brewhouse, the conference itself, the campus dining hall and the big moot party. Downtown Helena is just a short walk away but very doable. Downtown is about 5 blocks from the campus.
When I fly in, do I need to rent a car?
Short answer is no. We can pick you up at the airport or if staying at the Best Western they have a free shuttle. You will not need a car for the conference. However, if you plan on exploring the wilds of Montana or taking a drive up to glacier (4 hours away) or down to Yellowstone (4 hours away) then a car is nice. Driving is very easy and very scenic, but note that dawn and dusk including nighttime driving can be difficult due to wildlife on the highways, especially deer.
Do I need money for food?
Maybe. Most meals are included in the moot and we have a lot of social events that include free food and drinks. Some folks do get together for a late meal out and for sure some drinks after hours as a few bars are within easy walking distance. Snacks and coffee and drinks are also provided throughout the conference for free.
Will someone pick me up at the airport and get me back at the end of the moot?
Yup, we got you. Only a limited number of flights fly in and out of Helena so chances are a few others are on you same flight both coming and going. We pick you up and get you back - just a side free benefit of the moot. The airport is only about 6 minutes from downtown Helena and Carroll College. And, yes we do know that most flights leave Helena first thing in the morning (like really early).
What is this I hear about Ice-Blocking?
Ice blocking is really just what is sounds like. Right next to the Library where the conference is held is a nice big grassy hill that slopes down to a huge grass flat area. We have some of our Mootineers run over to the local grocery store and pick up a few solid ice blocks. We then slap a towel on top, have you sit on the towel and away you go. Be a kid again, kind of like sledding in the summer. You have to try it.
Are Drinks really free at events?
To a certain extent. It seems that some of the best ideas and conversations happen around a table with a few beers (or wine) in the middle. Don't drink, we got you as well.
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