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Here at the MountainMoot, we've been breaking down barriers to online learning for a long time. Whether you're a teacher looking to make the most of your current Moodle instance or a programmer looking for support building the latest groundbreaking plugin, MountainMoot is the place for you.


EdTech and online Engagement
K-12, Higher Ed, Government & Business

The frontier of educational technology can be a daunting place. If you're wondering which products fit your teaching goals, or even need to frame your teaching goals for the 21st century, the experts at MountainMoot can help you out. Join us for practical EdTech sessions that will help you engage your students.

Amazing presenters
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At the core of our conference is student engagement. With that in mind, our speakers are very diverse and have a wealth of knowledge to share. If you are a teacher, a trainer, or even a business, how you engage your learners is key.

Jamie Casap

Keynote: Jamie Casap
Chief Education Evangelist at Google